16 Mar 2019
04 Jan - 25 Jan 00:00
Deadline 20 Feb 23:59
Deadline 11 Mar 23:59

2019 European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Only for europeans)

The tournament is open for residents of Europe (both EU and non - EU zones)


10.03.2019: IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!

Due to problems with ower paypal account (3 athletes did not appear on the list) we were forced to extend the registration deadline for one day, so the last day for the registration will be March 11 at 23.59.

(Only European citizens/athlets can register)

Hi and welcome to our event in Bucharest, Romania!

Due to the last feedback the European BJJ Championships will feature ONLY GI DIVISION matches, for both adults and younger competitors, +7 years old. Bouts will follow the IBJJF weight and age classes.

This is a one-day event, scheduled for the 16th March 2019. Doors open at 7:30, event starts at 9:00.

The organization of this championship will be carried out in collaboration with AG DIGITAL SPORT MANAGEMENT and AGON SPORT CLUB ASSOCIATION

The NO-GI Division Championship is scheduled to take place in autumn 2019. If you’re interested, please follow us on social media as we’ll be announcing further details starting from April.


The schedule will follow the pyramid formatting, with odd participants having a sit-out match (randomly selected).

The tournament will only have GI division matches.

We apply the regular point scoring system.

Men and women matches will take place at the same time.

The gold and silver medalists have the option to sign up for the OPEN CLASS TOURNAMENT (see details below).


We’ll place each competitor in his / her belt and age category. Then we’ll match athletes based on weight.

The medalists of each division in their respective belt and weight category are eligible for the Open Class Tournament, with the exception of white belts.

You can register for the Open 30 minutes after receiving your medal and the podium ceremony. The additional fee for participating in the Open is 10 EURO (47 RON).


Competitors under 18 y.o. that can’t be matched using the described algorithm will be automatically matched to the immediately superior AGE CATEGORY, but not exceeding 1 year.

Competitors in the 17 y.o. category are not allowed to participate in adult matches.


Each division has weight categories and one OPEN category (no weight limit).

Each match allows one person (the coach) to sit on the mat and instruct the athlete.

Each match will be scored by one official WBJJA (World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association) referee, following the IBJJF rules.


he winners of their respective brackets will be awarded the gold medal and 9 points.

The runner-up will be awarded the silver medal and 3 points.

Athletes that place 3rd and 4th place will be both awarded bronze medals and 1 point.

Competitors will be able to have their photos taken by our on-site professional (hopefully with their medals), free of charge.

We’ll keep track of each competitor and team rankings that are gained by taking part in the tournament.

Each will be available on your personal profile on Smoothcomp and will be categorized by Seasonal or Lifetime periods.


We track rankings for both competitors and teams by the Annual Season and by Overall Lifetime.

Competitor rankings are categorized by genders, ages, weights, and belt or experience. Team rankings are categorized by team points and medal count.


Professional photographer is available.

Trained medic and paramedic team.

1 warm-up mat and 4 - 6 competition mats;


Task will be light and won’t take more than 2-3 hours of your time (set up competition areas, announcers for athletes, water delivery etc.)

If you wish to volunteer as a referee or get involved in more time – consuming and complicated tasks, please contact us prior to the event at [email protected] .

We trade free meals and / or payment.


Athletes or coaches must have a photo ID of the fighter at all times available to be shown to the mat officials.

The official rules follow the IBJJF format (http://ibjjf.com/rules ), with advised that the fight surface may be subject to modification depending on the number of participants / athletes.


Athletes have to register for each division they wish to participate in.

Pre-registration is required to participate. We don’t accept on – spot registration or registrations not completed before the end of the late registration period.


After submitting your registration, you can still make changes to the division or weight category you signed up for, up until the last day of registration deadline (March 10th , 2019).

You can adjust your registration details from your Smoothcomp account.

After registration deadline has passed, your details can’t be changed any further.

We reserve the right to merge you after change deadline if you are alone in your division into another fair division if available.


First 200 registrations fee: 25 EUROS (120 RON) / division available (up until January the 20th, 23:59);

Regular registration fee: 40 EUROS (185 RON) / division (up until February the 20th, 23:59);

Late registration fee: 55 EUROS (260 RON)/ division (up until March the 10th, 23:59);

Open Class fee: 10 euros (47 RON)

Entry fee for spectators: 5 euros (23 ron).

Payment has to be made before the Late Registration Date (10th March, 2019) via bank transfer or online via Smoothcomp payments platform.

Message in the payment has to contain FIGHTER’S NAME, TEAM and CATEGORY.

Payment in EUR:


Payment in Lei (just for roumania citizens):



IBAN (RON): RO56 BUCU 1411 2159 5662 3RON

Cash payments are also available in Bucharest at:

A.C.S AGON (AGON Sports Club),

No. 87 Calea Crangasi, 6th District, Bucharest.

Contact: George Stanciu

Phone / Whatsapp: +40 724 204 245

Email: [email protected]


We’ll refund the registration fee only if we can’t match you against anyone in your belt and weight category.

We don’t refund the registration fee in case of not making weight for the category you chose or in case you are not present on the mat when your match starts.

All refunds are suspended after 12.03.2019, 23:59. If the situation arises that your scheduled match(es) can’t take place for reasons outside our control (i.e. your scheduled competitor withdraws from registration after the cutoff date, injury), we will give you gratuity for the next event that we organize.

Matches that can’t take place due to disqualification, as presented in the Championship Rules don’t entitle the participants to claim refunds.


You can follow the brackets in real-time, as athletes sign up and finishes the payment for the competition by following our page on Smoothcomp.

During the tournament, you can check out the matches taking place and the next two matches that follow by looking at the main display monitor.

There will be an announcement for each match and the following 2 matches made via the sound system.There is a time allowance of 1 minute for the athletes to present themselves on the mat at match start.

There is a time allowance of 5 minutes for the athletes to remedy any gear problems that may be signaled by the tournament staff.


Each competitor, on the first match start, has to pass the weight check. After that, he/she is cleared for the rest of the competition.

Weigh-ins are done with the GI on.

There will be a ZERO weigh – in tolerance.


It is each athlete’s responsibility to make sure he / she is medically able and cleared to take part in tournaments and is regularly checked by a professional physician.

There will be a medic and paramedics team available on – site for first aid and any possible tournament – related injuries.

The organizer will not be able to treat any other ailments that are not related to an injury sustained during the tournament ( such as headache or stomachache).

As a result, each official or team member must arrange individual travel and medical insurance against illness or accidents.

* Any athlete who has proven to be a brow or black belt or black in judo or traditional Ju-Jitsu, has fought MMA professionally, has an amateur MMA record or has proven competition experience in any wrestling style, Olympic wrestling or Greco-Roman wrestling, can not participate in any league as a white belt.


Ezechiel Zayas Latore - Spain

Ana Gloria Yagües Molina - Germany

Alain Gildo Poza - France

Merriner Sarah Ann -England

Axel Vankimmenade - Belgia

Florin Cernat - Romania

Daniel Cernat - Romania

Catalin Otelea - Romania

George Grigore - Romania

Gica Negru - Romania



Datorita feedback-ului din ultima perioada, am decis ca Campionatele Europene de BJJ vor cuprinde NUMAI meciuri cu GI, atat pentru adulti, cat si pentru concurentii mai tineri + 7 ani. Meciurile vor urma clasele de greutate si varsta IBJJF.



Salutari si fiti bineveniti la evenimentul nostru in Bucuresti, Romania!

Turneul este deschis pentru rezidentii din Europa (atat din UE, cat si din afara UE).

Acesta este un eveniment de o zi, programat pentru 16 martie 2019. Usile sunt deschise la ora 7:30, evenimentul incepe la ora 9:00.

Organizarea acestui campionat se va desfasura in colaborare cu AG DIGITAL SPORT MANAGEMENT si ASOCIATIA CLUBUL SPORTIV AGON

Campionatul Diviziei NO-GI este programat sa aiba loc in toamna anului 2019.

Daca sunteti interesati, va rugam sa ne urmati pe social media, unde vom anunta mai multe detalii incepand cu luna aprilie.


Turneul va fi tip piramida, cu participantii impari avand un meci liber (selectat aleator).

Turneul va avea numai meciuri de diviziune GI.

Aplicam sistemul obisnuit de punctaj IBJJF.

Meciurile pentru barbati si femei vor avea loc in acelasi timp.

Medaliatii cu aur si argint au optiunea de a se inscrie la CATEGORIA OPEN (a se vedea detaliile de mai jos).


Vom plasa fiecare concurent in functie de centura si categoria de varsta.

Apoi vom alcatui meciurile pe baza de greutate.

Medaliatii fiecarei divizii in categoria respectiva sunt eligibili pentru turneul Open Class, cu exceptia centurilor albe.

Va puteti inscrie la Open la 30 minute dupa ce ati primit medalia si ceremonia de podium a avut loc.

Taxa suplimentara pentru participarea la Open este de 10 EURO (47 RON).


Concurentii sub 18 ani carora nu li se vor gasi adversar folosind algoritmul descris vor fi automat incadrati CATEGORIEI DE VARSTA imediat superioara, dar nu mai mari de 1 an.

Concurentii minori de la categoria 17 ani nu au voie sa participe la meciurile pentru adulti.


Fiecare divizie are categorii de greutate si o categorie OPEN (fara limita de greutate).

Fiecare meci permite unei persoane (antrenorul) sa isi instruiasca sportivul de pe saltea.

Fiecare meci va fi judecat de un arbitru oficial WBJJA (Asociatia Mondiala de Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), in conformitate cu regulile IBJJF.

Lista oficiala a arbitrilor va fi afisata pe pagina evenimentului.


Castigatorii fiecarei piramide vor primi medalia de aur si 9 puncte.

Pentru locul doi se va acorda medalia de argint si 3 puncte.

Atletii care se plaseaza pe locul al treilea si al patrulea vor primi ambii medalii de bronz si un punct.

Concurentii vor putea sa-si faca fotografiile facute de profesionistii nostri la fata locului (speram cu medalii), gratuit.

Vom cuantifica punctajul castigat prin participarea la turneu pentru fiecare competitor si echipa.

Acest clasament va fi disponibil pe profilul personal de Smoothcomp si va fi clasificat pe perioade sezoniere si overall.

RANKINGS: Clasamentele competitorilor sunt impartite pe sex, varsta, greutate, centura sau experienta. Clasamentele echipei sunt realizate tinand cont de punctele de echipa si numarul medalilor.


Fotograf profesionist.

Echipa medicala.

1 saltea de incalzire si 4 -6 suprafete de competitie.


Sarcinile vor fi usoare si nu vor dura mai mult de 2-3 ore (stabilirea unor zone de competitie, anunturi pentru sportivi, livrare de apa etc.)

Daca doriti sa va oferiti voluntar ca arbitru sau sa va implicati in sarcini mai consumatoare de timp si/sau complicate, va rugam sa ne contactati inainte de eveniment la [email protected] Putem asigura mese gratuite si / sau plata.


Atletii si antrenorii trebuie sa aiba tot timpul asupra lor un document de identificare cu fotografie recenta. Acestea pot fi solicitate de arbitri sau staff-ul competitional.

Regulile urmeaza formatul oficial IBJJF (http://ibjjf.com/rules ), cu un singur amendament, acela ca suprafate de lupta poate fi modificata, in functie de numarul participantilor.


Atletii trebuie sa se inregistreze pentru fiecare divizie in care doresc sa participe.

Este necesara inregistrarea prealabila. Nu acceptam inregistrarea la fata locului sau inregistrarile neterminate inainte de termenul limita de inregistrare (10 martie 2019).


Dupa finalizarea inregistrarii puteti face in continuare modificari la categoria in care v-ati inregistrat pana in ultima zi a termenului limita de inregistrare (10 martie 2019).

Puteti ajusta detaliile de inregistrare din contul dvs. Smoothcomp.

Dupa expirarea termenului de inregistrare, detaliile dvs. nu mai pot fi modificate.

Ne rezervam dreptul de a va aloca intr-o alta divizie rezonabila daca dupa data limita de inregistrare sunteti singur(a) in divizie.


Primele 200 de taxe de inregistrare: 25 EURO (120 RON) / divizie disponibile (pana in data de 20 ianuarie, ora  23:59);

Taxa de inregistrare normala: 40 EURO (185 RON) / divizie (pana in 20 februarie, ora: 23:59);

Taxa de inscriere tarzie: 55 EURO (260 RON) / impartire (pana la data de 10 martie, ora: 23:59);

Taxa de participare categoria OPEN: 10 euro (47 RON);

Taxa de intrare pentru spectatori: 5 euro (23 ron).

Plata trebuie efectuata inainte de termenul limita (10 martie 2019, 23:59) prin transfer bancar sau online prin intermediul platformei Smoothcomp.

Mesajul din plata trebuie sa contina NUMELE, ECHIPA si CATEGORIA SPORTIVULUI.


Plata in lei (doar pentru Romania):



IBAN (RON): RO56 BUCU 1411 2159 5662 3RON

Platile in numerar sunt disponibile si in Bucuresti la

A.C.S AGON (Clubul sportiv AGON),

87 Calea Crangasi, Sector 6, Bucuresti.

Contact: George Stanciu

Telefon / Whatsapp: +40 724 204 245



Vom rambursa taxa de inscriere numai daca nu va putem asocia cu cineva din categoria dvs. de centura si de greutate.

Nu se va resti taxa de inregistrare in cazul in care nu va incadrati la categoria de greutate pe care ati ales-o sau in cazul in care nu sunteti prezenti la spatiul de competitie cand incepe meciul.

Toate returnarile au ca termen limita 12.03.2019, ora 23:59

Daca apare situatia in care meciurile dvs. programate nu pot avea loc din motive care nu tin de controlul nostru (adica concurentul dvs. programat se retrage de la inregistrare dupa data de inchidere, vatamare etc.), va vom oferi gratuitate pentru urmatorul eveniment pe care il organizam.

Meciurile care nu pot avea loc din cauza descalificarii, asa cum sunt prezentate in Regulamentul campionatului nu dau dreptul participantilor sa solicite restituiri.



Puteti urmari planificarea meciurilor in timp real urmarind pagina noastra pe Smoothcomp.

In timpul turneului puteti verifica meciurile care se desfasoara si urmatoarele doua meciuri care urmeaza urmarind ecranul principal de afisare din sala.

Vor exista si anunturi sonore pentru meciuri (cel care incepe si pe ce suprafata, precum si urmatoarele doua meciuri)

Este alocat 1 minut pentru sportivi sa se prezinte pe saltea la inceputul meciului.

Sunt alocate 5 minute pentru ca sportivii sa remedieze orice problema legata de echipament sau aspect personal care poate fi semnalata de personalul turneului.


Fiecare competitor, la inceputul primului meci in care participa, trebuie sa se incadreze in limita de greutate a categoriei pe care a ales-o. Aceasta este singura data cand efectueaza cantarirea si este valabila pentru tot restul competitiei.

Cantarirea are loc cu Gi-ul imbracat.

Toleranta la cantar este 0.


Este responsabilitatea fiecarui sportiv sa se asigure ca este apt din punct de vedere medical, este la zi cu controlul medical si ca are acordul unui medic profesionist sa participe la turnee.

La fata locului va fi disponibila o echipa de medici si paramedici pentru prim ajutor si eventuale leziuni legate de turnee.

Organizatorul nu va putea trata alte afectiuni care nu sunt legate de un accident suferit in timpul turneului (cum ar fi dureri de cap sau stomac).

In consecinta, fiecare membru al echipei trebuie sa ia masurile necesare din punct de vedere medical pentru a putea participa in conditii de siguranta si confort la intrecerea sportiva.

* Orice sportiv gradat cu centura maro sau neagra in Judo sau ju-jitsu traditional, ce are meciuri in MMA-ul profesionist, record in MMA-ul amator,  experienta competitionala in orice sport specific luptelor, sportivi olimpici de greco-romane sau libere, nu pot participa la acest campionat ca centura alba. 


Ezechiel Zayas Latore - Spain

Ana Gloria Yagües Molina - Germany

Alain Gildo Poza - France

Merriner Sarah Ann -England

Axel Vankimmenade - Belgia

Florin Cernat - Romania

Daniel Cernat - Romania

Catalin Otelea - Romania

George Grigore - Romania

Gica Negru - Romania


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タイムゾーン: Europe/Bucharest


  • Boys Gi 22 EUR
  • Girls Gi 22 EUR
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 22 EUR
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 22 EUR
    16-17 years
  • Male Gi 40 EUR
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 40 EUR
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi 10 EUR
  • Female Absolute Gi 10 EUR