Wellcome to the WBJJA!


World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association is a democratic and non-profit organization body founded in 2018. WBJJA is focused on developing BJJ, Submission Only and Submission Wrestling as an international sport, from recreational level to performance, driving the development of common sets of rules, safety regulations, structure, progression pathways and mutual exchange.

The name World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association (WBJJA) is registered in 2018 as a non-profit organization under Romanian law and upholds the strictest guidelines on democracyand openness.Please find below the guidelines that define our activity in the field of promoting BJJ, Submission Onli and Submission Wrestling worldwide and supporting athletes (beginners and advanced) in their path for personal development.


Start with 2020 WBJJA will have 3 competition formats:

Elite (Champion title) - no belts divisions. Available just in the Nationals, Continantals  and World champioships.

Open Belts Cups (clasic level category). Available in the National, Continental and World Cups

Submission Only (Open belts and Elite) - no point, no advanage, only submission (WBJJA Rules).


Organize development

The opportunities for development of BJJ as a sport and a lifestyle are numerous, but as for any grand endeavor there are also challenges. In order to harness all this potential there is a need for a common point of reference, a democratic body to organize and drive the development of the sport on a worldwide basis.

The purpose of WBJJA is to further the development and recognition of the sport of BJJ, enabling international competition through the organization of national BJJ federations around the world in a friendly and participatory manner.

Assure a safe competition environment for beginners and advanced practitioners

Our aim is to reduce the percentage of beginner that abandon the practice of BJJ because they are discouraged by facing more experienced against which they have no chance of winning and giving practitioner an incentive for participating in safe - environment competitions tailored to their level.

Read more about "Fair Chance Matchmaking System".


Furthering development

Furthering recognition

Organizing national comunities


  • Promote BJJ to non-practitioners as an accesibile way to a better health and a more balanced life
  • Promote BJJ as a complex, efficient and fun-to-learn approach to martial arts, especially for kids
  • Give a real chance to beginners to gain confidence in their abilities by organizing competitions under "Fair-chance system" (see Fair-Chance system)
  • Encourage the exchange of information and technique through Tournaments and Seminars with international participation
  • Taking a stand against the use of performance-enhancing substances (see our anti-doping policy).